First Day Packages

In an effort to save paper, decrease costs and improve efficiencies, we ask that to visit the following webpage to view information that is found in the September First Day Packages.

School Year Information

Safe Welcome

All visitors to Janet Metcalfe Public School will be required to press the intercom by our main entry door at the front of the school in order to enter. Students and staff will use access cards to enter and exit the building throughout the day.  We will do our best to keep the wait time to a minimum but please give yourself lots of time if you have an appointment. We will be educating the students about not opening other entrance doors for visitors. Please be respectful of this protocol and do not request or expect students to allow you entry to the school as this puts them in a difficult situation. Please follow the proper protocol and request entry through the intercom at the front entrance only.

School Supplies

We would ask that parents hold off on purchasing any school supplies until your child receives the information from their classroom teacher.  Each teacher may have a different expectation regarding the supplies your child will need.

Student Accident Insurance

During the course of the school year, our students have many opportunities to engage in various learning activities. Specific courses such as our science and technology classes, that involve the use of tools, chemicals and machinery, and our physical education classes, that involve movement with equipment, carry a risk of injury. In addition, students participating in the interscholastic athletics program or field trips should be aware that there is a risk of injury when engaging in those activities.

Sometimes, accidents result from the nature of the activity and can occur without any fault of the student, or the School Board or its employees or agents, or the facility where the activity is taking place.  The Waterloo Region District School Board does not provide any accidental disability, dismemberment, dental, death, or medical expenses or insurance on behalf of the participating students.

For this reason, every student will receive a Student Accident Insurance package from Staebler Insurance. While participation in the program is voluntary, we want to clearly communicate the importance of acquiring student accident insurance to the parents/guardians within our school community. The insurance being offered will provide students with excellent medical and dental coverage at a reasonable cost.

In addition, students who are participating in the interscholastic athletic program, both at the elementary and secondary level, will be required to have their parent/guardian complete a form entitled:  Students Participating in Interscholastic Sports before the student participates in the sporting activity.  The purpose of this form is to heighten parental awareness around the importance of obtaining individual coverage for their son/daughter.   Coaches will be asked for each sport, to collect the completed form from students and file appropriately with other related parental/guardian permission forms.